Saturday, November 1, 2014

Liberty Cheesesteak, 11th October

The humble cheesesteak gets a few outings in London but it's not anywhere near as ubiquitous as the burger or hot dog. And it deserves to have a little more fame for it is quite delicious to eat.

I was alerted to the fact that Liberty Cheesesteak were doing their own authentic versions from a stall at various markets by one of my favourite blogs, the London Review of Sandwiches. This sounded amazing. And it was rather good - I blame my eyes being bigger than my belly on the way I began to flag and consequently not enjoy it to the full.

These guys are doing it right. They have ever so thin cuts of beef which they grill and chop up before your very eyes, mixing it all up with grilled onions. You then have a choice of three cheeses - their home made cheese whiz, provolone or American. I chose the whiz for authenticity's sake, and then they stuff it all into a proper, US-style sub. You can have a half or a whole, and as I hadn't eaten anything yet that day I went for a whole one. I shouldn't have. There is a surprising amount of meat put into that thing and I got barely over halfway before I reached saturation point. There was too much meat, the cheese had got a bit overbearing and claggy as it cooled. I had to admit defeat. But not total defeat as I saved the rest of it and had it for dinner later and enjoyed it all over again.

For it is very enjoyable. The bread is soft and squidgy, the meat has just a tinge of pinkness in parts and is delicious even on its own. The cheese whiz I wasn't completely convinced by. It did go well here with the meat, but I think I would have preferred the provolone which is a classic melty cheese, rather than one that begins in a melted state. I also probably would have liked to add some hot sauce but my sub was all wrapped up in foil before I had the chance.

But apart from those minor quibbles I commend them for doing a real US favourite, in no-frills proper style.  

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