Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Liquid Love, 14th February

I did not have Liquid Love on my List as I was a little nervous about ever going to one and didn’t think I necessarily would. But I am fairly easily persuaded into these kinds of things if someone I feel comfortable around is also going, so on Valentine’s Day I found myself in a council block with 10 other people, about half of which were strangers, standing naked in a circle, getting ready to have oil poured all over us.

And it was amazing.

First we had a ‘cacao drinking celebration’ where we drank pure cacao mixed with honey and cinnamon and cayenne to taste (delicious). Then we all stripped off and took some time to become comfortable with one another’s naked presence. Then we lay down and awaited our oil angel to trickle warmed oil all over our bodies. We spent some time rubbing it all over ourselves which was an amazing enough sensation. I felt so smooth and silky I could have just spent the whole time stroking myself. But we were then encouraged to start exploring our fellow Liquid Lovers. We were ‘guided’ in this session by our wonderful host Eyal who gave suggestions throughout the hour or so we were there. I think most of us started off laying on our backs, so Eyal suggested we all try moving to our fronts and seeing what that provoked. We were encouraged to try touching with parts of the body we don’t normally use – noses, stomachs, buttocks. Knees and feet strayed. We started getting a little silly and boisterous as the gentlest of nudges would have you sliding from one part of the floor to another and you felt like you had little control over where you were. You could easily slip out of the crowd and glide to the edge. People were slipping and sliding over one another, and wrestling at one point. We were encouraged to try not to use verbal communication too much but there was laughter and the odd shriek.

And of course, there is no denying it was all quite sensual and erotic. Hands were everywhere – you didn’t necessarily know who was touching which part of your body. People were free to move away from the crowd and explore each other more privately, though it must be said it never descended into some kind of Bacchanlian full-on orgy. That was not the point. 

Towards the end, Eyal slowed us all down and we spent some time being still, where we were, just stroking or holding the people closest to us. And then it was over and we were urged to get into a circle although we ended up in an impromptu massage chain. Thus the formal session was over. But there was no rushing away. We were free to stay and continue in a more informal way for as long as we wanted. We had some Prosecco, and some cake (there were a couple of birthdays). You can use your imagination as to how we ate the cake.

We had arrived at four and before we knew it the time was 9 pm and we all felt we should make our way home. I was… thoroughly content. Which sounds very unexciting for what we had done but it is the best way to describe it. I was peaceful, relaxed, fulfilled. Wonderfully content. 

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