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Here's the full Food List. See somewhere you've eaten? Let me know! Got any suggestions for me? Again, get in touch!

Papine Jerk Centre
Bea's of Bloomsbury's for afternoon tea
Orange Pekoe for afternoon tea
Baozi Inn
Canela (read about it here)
Little Bay for chips
Maroush          Edgware Road
Abu Zaad (kebabs)
Kebab Kid
Mangal 1 Ocakbasi (read about it here)
Marathon Kebab (for kebabs and bands)
Maison Bertaux (read about it here)
Lollipop; St John's Hill
Maze Grill       
Le Gavroche  (read about it here)
Fat Duck        
Bleeding Heart           
L’art du fromage         
Amuse Bouche – also Drink  (now in Parson's Green)
Bob Bob Ricard (read about it here)
Abracadabra Restaurant       
Archipelago Restaurant (read about it here)        
St. Moritz (fondue) (read about it here)    
Garlic and Shots        
Isis Restaurant & Late Night Bar       
Turkish Place in Stoke Newington (read about it here)    
Bar Boulud     
Sichuan food, Bar Shu
Alan Yau's restaurants   (one of them)        
Choc Star van (read about it here)
Tea at the Wolseley (read about it here)    
Vietnamese food        
·                An Viet House, 12 Englefield Rd
·                Mien Tay, Kingsland Rd/ Battersea (read about it here)
·                Que Viet, 102 Kingsland Rd
Posh scotch egg; Peyton & Byrne, Heal's
Rasa express; Indian food in a tray
Hakkasan dim sum    
Cah Chi - Korean       
Painted Heron – Indian (read about it here)
Abeno  okomiyaki- pancakes
Lunch at the Table     
El Vergel – Chilean; pastel de choclo
Canela (read about it here)
McKanna Meat
E Pellicci        
Dans Le Noir? (read about it here)
Make Chocolate
La Fromagerie           
Paxton & Whitfield; Cheese since 1797
J Sheekey for honeycomb ice cream
Mandalay - Burmese  
Paul Rothe & son; soup and sandwich
The Eagle; original gastropub (read about it here)
Sweetings, est 1830
Arbutus; set menu (read about it here)
Sketch Glade  and Sketch loos
Wapping Project            Wapping Hydraulic Power Station     
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
Chin Chin ice cream  
Salt yard         
The Easton    
Birley salt beef bar (read about it here)
Malay food      
·                Champor champor
·                Yum yum
·                Awana
·                Ekachai
The sportsman          
Princess of shoreditch           
Ragam (read about it here)
Chilli cool        
Princi  (read about it here)
Pitt cue co at Hungerford Bridge     
Redmarket     - closed down - now open again!
Keu (banhmi) 
Young and foodish (burgermonday)  
The  icecreamists (read about it here)      
J + A cafe  (read about it here    
Poppie's fish and chips          
Pollen street social (read about it here)
Kula cafe        
Gino gelato, peanut butter flavour (read about it here)     
Dri dri  (read about it here)
Pizza east      
Mestizo  (read about it here        
The breakfast club (read about it here)     
Androuet (read about it here)          
Lucky chip (read about it here)
Buen Ayre (read about it here)
Yum bun (read about it here)
Street Kitchen (read about it here)
Polpo/polpetto (read about it here)
Mulberry Street (read about it here)
The rib man (read about it here)
Chinese in Stepney Green
LMNT (closed - may open again under new management)
Set lunch at Wine Library (read about it here)
Ba Shan (read about it here)
Olive cafe pizza (read about it here)
The diner for brunch (read about it here)
My old Dutch
Mason & Taylor (turning into Brewdog)
Boundary project (read about it here)
Meat liquor (read about it here)
Notes (read about it here)
Morito (read about it here)
Andrew Edmunds
Pitt Cue Co (Soho) (read about it here)
Pizza Pilgrims (read about it here)
Boho Mexica
Red dog saloon (read about it here)
Foxcroft & Ginger (read about it here)
Beijing Dumpling (read about it here)
Viva (read about it here)
Shrimpy's (read about it here)
Last Tuesdays at RIBA
Yum Cha (read about it here)
Leong's Legends (read about it here)
Pavilion (read about it here)
Maltby Street Market (read about it here)
Dukes (read about it here)
Railroad closed for now
The English Pig
Feast London (read about it here)
Saturday Brunch at The Connaught
Tina We Salute You
Beard to Tail (read about it here)
Flat Iron (read about it here)
Rita's Bar and Dining (read about it here)
Rainbo (read about it here)
House of Wolf (now Dead Dolls House)
Riding House Cafe (mostly for brunch) (read about it here)
10 Cases (also for Wine) (read about it here)
10 Greek Street
Bocca di Lupo
Opera Tavern (read about it here)
Enoteca Turi 
Slider Bar (read about it here)
Silk Road (read about it here)
Caravan King's Cross brunch (read about it here)
Simpson's Tavern (read about it here)
The Dogfather (read about it here)
Burger Breakout (now doing the food at Oslo)
Dead Dolls club (read about it here)
Death by Burrito (read about it here)
Bubbledogs (read about it here)
Orange Buffalo (read about it here)
Duck and Waffle
A Supper Club (read about it here)
Le Mercury (read about it here)
Disco Bistro (closed until new venture....)
Wishbone (read about it here)
Mangal 2 (read about it here)
Tonkotsu (read about it here)
The Port House
Voodoo Ray's (read about it here)
Motown Desserts (read about it here)
Tsiakkos & Charcoal
Pale Blue Door
Clockjack Oven (read about it here)
The Love Shake
Hackney Bureau (read about it here)
Electric Diner/Donuts (for the donuts for cake and bologna sandwich)
La Gelateria (read about it here)
Gremio de Brixton (for drinks as well)
Breddos Tacos (read about it here)
Franze and Evans (read about it here)
Chez Elles (read about it here)
Tsuru (read about it here)
Quality Chop House
Oui Madame (read about it here)
John Salt
Coppa bar and BBQ (closed for the winter)
BBQ Whisky Beer at Wargrave Arms (read about it here)
Smokehouse (read about it here)
Sho Foo Doh
TruckStop (read about it here)
Ribstock (read about it here)
Whyte and Brown (read about it here)
Silk restaurant in the Courthouse
Rinkoff Bakery (read about it here)
Jubo (read about it here)
Joe's Southern Kitchen (mainly for the spinach and artichoke dip)
Ginger Pig Cafe (read about it here)
Porky's Camden (read about it here)
Mockingbird (read about it here)
L'entrepot (read about it here)
White Rabbit
The Windmill pub for pies (read about it here)
The Passage
Chop shop
Honey & Co (read about it here)
Smokey Tails (read about it here)
Raw Duck
Lazybones (read about it here)
Rotary Bar and Diner (read about it here)
Flat Iron Soho (either place) (read about it here)
Berners Tavern (read about it here)
Stokey Stop (also Drink)
Slap! at Dalston Superstore (read about it here)
Hawker House (read about it here)
100 Hoxton (read about it here)
Ice cream sandwich from Gail's
Q Grill (read about it here)
Clutch  (read about it here)
LeCoq (read about it here)
Earlham Street Clubhouse (read about it here)
Frenchie 'duck burger' (read about it here)
On the Bab (read about it here)
Dishoom (read about it here)
Dirty Bones (read about it here)
SIN (read about it here)
Anatolia (Mare street) (read about it here)
The Rum Kitchen (read about it here)
Blanchette (read about it here)
Rita's Bar and Dining permanent place (read about it here)
Caboose (read about it here)
Glazed and Confused doughnuts (read about them here)
Dark Sugars (read about it here)
Bad Brownie (read about it here)
The Pizza Pie Factory
Smoke n Roll (read about it here)
Dum Dum Donutterie (read about it here)
1235 Donuts
Coal Vaults (read about it here)
21 Covent Garden (read about it here)
Coffee Dogs (read about it here)
Fingers Crossed 
Far Rockaway (read about it here)
Bread Ahead (read about it here)
Morty and Bob (read about it here)
Bouchon Fourchette
Doughnut Hatch/Bird (read about it here)
Egg boss
Pinch Pantry
8 Hoxton Square
London Lahmacun
Strand Dining Rooms
The Palomar (read about it here)
Cocomaya's Cocodough (read about it here)
Philly Cheesesteak from Liberty Cheesesteak (read about it here)
Ink (read about it here)
Le Bouchon (read about it here)
United Ramen (read about it here)
Roti King (read about it here)
The Advisory
Death by Burrito's permanent place (read about it here)
Crosstown Doughnuts (read about them here)
Chick (read about it here)
Victus & Bibo (read about it here)
The Culpeper (read about it here)
Grill My Cheese (read about it here)
Comptoir Gascon (read about it here)
Hash (read about it here)
Chotto Matte (read about it here)
Hotbox (read about it here)
Fan Tong
Bad Egg
Crumbs and Doilies (read about it here)
Basil's Sandwiches
Kouzu (read about it here)
Smack Deli (read about it here)
Babaji Pide
Ceru (read about it here)
Capish chicken burger
Hurwundeki kimchi jjigae
Gourmet San
Delancey & Co
Hoxton Cheesesteak
Foxcroft and Ginger cruffin


  1. I love this idea! Loads of these places are on my 'list' too (and I've just added quite a few which weren't :))
    A few suggested additions: Ottolenghi! (may already be on there?); Moro (the 'restaurant' version of Morito - SO good) ; Burger&Lobster (I haven't eaten there yet, but it's top of my list!)
    Also I'd suggest Bodegra Negra rather than Boho Mexica - no-one I know who's eaten there has anything good to say about the food (it's great for drinks though); and for Vietnamese food - Song Que on Kingsland Rd is amazing too!

  2. Hi Maya! Thanks for commenting! You're right - Ottolenghi should probably go on my list. Similarly I probably would put Moro on there, but as you might notice, I tend to get to the more expensive restaurants less frequently, so thought I'd have Morito instead as it's a bit more achievable. Funnily enough, even though Burger & Lobster isn't on my list, I'm going on Wednesday. I'm not a big burger fan (or that fussed about lobster!) so the legendary queues put me off even putting it on my List. They now take bookings in their Soho place for 6 or more people though, so we're off!

    I haven't heard any reviews either way about Boho Mexica - I just walked past it one day and thought it looked nice, whereas I've heard a few neutral to negative things about La Bodega. I'm sure I'll pop it on the list at some point just to see for myself though - I went to La Esquina in NY which is owned by the same people and loved it!


Please feel free to add your views, or maybe suggest somewhere I should put on my list!

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