Thursday, November 13, 2014

Golden Bee, 17th October

I was really surprised by Golden Bee. Depsite having it on my List, I really expected to end up disappointed by the place – I imagined it would be full of suited banker wankers and the prices would be too high. I was wrong. Prices were pretty decent - £8.50 for most cocktails, although the selection didn’t exactly make me go weak at my knees. I had a lemon tarte flute (vodka, limoncello and Prosecco) but it was a little too heavy on the limoncello, making it a little bitter. A beer and a wine only came to £8 which is really not bad at all for a rooftop ‘City’ (just) bar.

The rooftop really is where it’s at - it reminded me of the White Isle even though I've never been there, and I wasn’t the only one to say so (I assume the others who said so, had been). Palm trees and sunset hues give it this ambience. And the heaters are potent enough that even if it had been chilly, we wouldn’t have minded being outside. And so, everyone was loving it… until it started raining a bit and we were all herded downstairs whether we wanted to admit defeat or not. Suddenly it was way too cramped for comfort. This was basically our cue to leave – although I have to say that even then, with one bar less to service everyone, it didn’t take me very long to get served at the bar.

As long as there's no rain on the way then I would head here in mild or chiller weather – especially if I wanted to impress.

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