Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dark Sugars, 12th October

Dark sugars is an Aladdin's Cave of chocolate delights, with a slightly exotic flavour to them. Spices such as cardamom and cinnamon make an appearance, as well as stem ginger and the now fairly standard chilli chocolate. The way the chocolates are laid out in earthy buckets from which you scoop them up, and the fact that many are irregularly shaped, not perfect spheres of glossy ganache, but dusty and rough, makes you think of prehistoric Africa rather than the traditional pretty chocolate box. Although they do have an area where the chocolates are all laid out prettily as well. 

Such rustic setting doesn’t mean that the prices aren’t similar to other high end chocolatiers however. I bought 9 of these beauties and it set me back £9.45!

I treated myself to the following:
Irish kiss with pipette
Pink champagne
Morello cherry
Stem ginger and honey
Milk chocolate nougat
Chilli chocolate
Liquid sea salt caramel

The Irish kiss came with Baileys in its pipette and I was pleased with the alcoholic hit in my other boozy chocs. The chocolate is definitely of good quality with a very rich taste – they’re not kidding when they call their pure chocolate truffle an Overdose. It’s nice to see some unusual ingredients being used - even if I played it pretty safe in my selections. 

It's also nice to see a bit of a different aesthetic to the traditional chocolate shop, and I'd happily go back and trough a lot more of these when I fancy giving myself a treat!

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