If you like the sound of some of the nights I've been to, or some of the nights on my Clubbing List (see below), then you might want to check out my Meetup group on It's called Alternative Nightlife and is designed to see what London has to offer that is a little bit different to the norm.

We've been to a few nights so far and we always get a friendly bunch of people. I will be working through the 'alternative' entries on my list via this group, adding more to the List from other people's suggestions, and generally having fun.

Catch (read about it here)
T Bar (closed)
Ghetto/Trash Palace
Star of Bethnal Green (read about it here)
Southside Bar
South London Pacific (read about it here)
East Village (sold)
Plastic People (read about it here)
Area (read about it here)
YoYo at Notting Hill Arts Club (read about it here)
Proud2 (closed again!!)
White mischief (read about it here)
The drop (closed - now opened as The Waiting Room)
The loft
The star of kings (read about it here)
Dalston superstore (read about it here)
Village underground (read about it here)
Torture garden (read about it here)
The dolphin (read about it here)
Chessboxing (read about it here)
Deviation (read about it here)
Ye olde axe (read about it here)
Prohibition (read about it here)
Blitz party (read about it here)
Rumpus (read about it here)
Ministry of Sound (read about it here)
The baby bathhouse (read about it here)
The Russian Bar (read about it here)
Troy 22
Stumblin Slims (read about it here)
The Waiting Room (formerly the Drop)
La reve – CafĂ© de Paris (read about it here)
Scared to Dance (read about it here)
Electroswing (read about it here)
Heavy Load (read about it here)
Antichrist (read about it here)
So tough so cute (read about it here)
Timebox (read about it here)
Crossfire (read about it here)
ZOOZOO (read about it here)
Belle Epoque (read about it here)
Die Freche Muse (read about it here)
Coney Island (read about it here)
Viva cake bitches
Boom boom club (read about it here)
The Works
Bearded kitten (read about it here)
Circo loco
Lucha Brittania (read about it here)
Old London Underground club whenever it opens
Cut a shine (read about it here)
Black Cotton Club (read about it here)
Birthdays (read about it here)
Itchy Feet  (read about it here)
Candlelight Club (read about it here)
White Mink (read about it here)
London Remixed Festival (read about it here)
The Burning Beat (done for the foreseeable) 
White Rabbit Cocktail Club (formerly the Baby Bathhouse)
About Time
Juicy at Shacklewell Arms (read about it here)
Passing clouds (read about it here)
Supa Dupa Fly at Jazz Cafe (read ahout it here)
Electro Blues
Legs Akimbo at BGWMC
Imaginarium (read about it here)
ALAN (Awareness and Love All Nighters) (read about it here)
Uptown at the Boogaloo
Nuisance at Buffalo Bar
Dance Assembly (read about it here)
The Hive
Brown Sugar (by Cherry Cola people)
Camden Crunch
Friday I'm in Love (read about it here)
Gypsy Hotel (read about it here)
Building Six
Blow Up (read about it here)
Travelling Tavern
Royal Ruckus
Soul of the 60s
Gaz's Rockin' Blues (read about it here)
Planet Angel (read about it here)
Double Denim (read about it here)
The New Empowering Church
Basing House
Oval space
Regression Sessions (read about it here)
Feeling Gloomy

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