Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cocodough from Cocomaya, 10th June

I was disappointed before I’d even bought my Cocodough – they were all tiny and they were all expensive. But they were meant to be good and I’d rushed here in my lunch hour to get one so get one I did. I picked the flavour (from chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla and red velvet among others) based on which seemed to be the biggest. Lemon it was. They were all very pretty, most decorated with curls or petals and pretty pastel colours.

I paid my £3.50 (*balk*) and had my cocodough boxed up. But as time was running out I decided to eat it on the way back to the office. A mistake. I hadn’t realized that piped through was a lemon crème patisserie that spurted out at the first bite all over my skirt and continually leaked as I ate it. It was a lovely and tasty surprise but it 
did leave me rather sticky.

The cronut itself was pretty faultless – it had a bit of a crust, a proper doughnut texture, the requisite layers of a croissant and the lemon crème was luscious – tasted like lemon curd but much lighter. But, it was small and it was expensive. Small and cheap? Ok. Big and expensive? Yeah, sure. One or the other. But I guess that’s what you get from a West London chocolatier and patisserie in the leafy environs of Hyde Park (looking at the other baked goods and confections, they were all similarly wince-inducing). Tasty as it was, it made me wistful for the beasts you can get from Rinkoff, a mere quarter of which satisfies a cronut craving at a much cheaper price!
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