Friday, March 14, 2014

'Alternative' Nightlife Tube Map, 14th March

There are lots of different versions of the tube map going around – best restaurants for each stop, best cocktail bars, even what each stop tastes like. And I’ve found myself looking at the map on my morning commute and realising that some stops had become synonymous to me with particular clubs and clubnights that I go to. I can’t see Angel without thinking of the Islington Metal Works (Electrowerkz) that host Slimelight, Rumpus and Torture Garden (among other things). Or Bethnal Green without thinking of the Working Men’s Club there that has so many different nights, for example It’s Your Funeral, the Double R Club and Homework. For the last two years my hobby has sort of become going out, often to the weirder events London has to offer, with my Meetup group. So I thought, I wonder if I can match up the other stops to venues that host events with an alternative slant, and the clubs I like. So I’ve given it a go. Some of the places are self explanatory, some aren’t so obvious. Orleans in Finsbury Park for example is on there for hosting Mousetrap. The Book Club and Concrete have so many different nights going on there it’s hard to know where to start (like Electro Swing and Musical Bingo). Madame JoJos and CafĂ© de Paris feature for their significance in burlesque and cabaret. And I had to only pick one place per stop. Some had loads I could have added. A lot of stops, especially to the West and further out in Zone 2 don’t really have anywhere I’m aware of. Of course, if you know somewhere, let me know and I’ll add it!

So, if you're ever looking for a night out that's a bit different to just going to the pub, I recommend you check out what's on at these places: 

Alternative nightlife tube map

You can also view this at my Pinterest page. So where have I missed?

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