Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Frenchie, 1st February

I seem to be doing themes for my weekends - last weekend it was chicken, this weekend it was meat in buns, starting with The Joint on Friday night (fabulous) and following it up on Saturday lunchtime with an equally delicious 'sandwich' from The Frenchie.

These guys serve confit duck in a brioche bun, topped with melted cheese and garnished with red onion chutney, mustard and rocket. It tastes as brilliant as it sounds. 

This was maybe my third week in a row trying to track down the Frenchie after not finding it on Brick Lane a couple of Sundays in a row. This time I was taking no chances and went up to Broadway market. It was incredibly blustery and freezing while I waited for my duck to be cooked until it was slightly caramelised, and the smoked cheddar I had ordered started oozing on the grill. Other cheese choices are blue cheese or goat's cheese with truffle honey. Next time I might try the goat's cheese. I think the tang would work well with the sweet chutney and sweet brioche.

Not that I am complaining about the version I had. 'Duck crackling' is also added to the mix and it's all a completely satisfying melange of sweetness, crunch, the slight gameyness duck has , a sharp hit of mustard and proper pepperiness. I'm not a mustard fan but it was great with this, and in fact I would even have been happy with more as the other flavours are so strong they almost overpower the mustard. 

The only downside I would say is that for £6 it's a little small so not incredibly filling - especially compared to the monster buns I'd had the night before for only £7. But I have noticed that the price of street food has been creeping up lately, and £6 isn't an unreasonable amount to charge compared to other vendors. It certainly wouldn't keep me away. 

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