Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Regression Sessions, 24th August

So the idea behind Regression Sessions is to let you regress back to your childhood while having adult fun and getting your dance on. So as well as rooms of house, techno, drum n bass, hip hop and R n B, they have a ball pit, space hoppers, big cards for card games and - best of all... yes I'm not kidding... a bouncy castle!! They also gave away those incredibly creepy face masks which I must admit I do find hilarious as much as I find them disturbing.

All of this is truly tremendous fun. I've done the ball pit thing before, but the space hoppers and the bouncy castle were the height of finding your inner child and letting it run rampant (and the height of lads perving over all the bouncing boobs).

The problem was, for most of the attendees, their inner child had barely been lost, let alone needed finding again - the whole crowd was so young! I honestly think the average age was 20, and it probably would have been lower if my Meetup group hadn't been there to skew the numbers!

The music was really good - they had at least three rooms and the genres changed between rooms which kept you on your toes and meant you could almost always find something you wanted to dance to. In some ways it was my ideal party - great music and a healthy dose of fun. I just don't know if I can handle a clubnight that reminds me so starkly of my age! We shall see - I may yet be tempted back...

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