Friday, September 12, 2014

Flat Iron, Denmark Street, 28th August

Many moons ago, Flat Iron arrived as a pop-up in the Owl and the Pussycat on Redchurch Street offering some nonsense about affordable steak but only in one cut - the underused Flat Iron. I liked it, Stephen thought it smelled weird. I also liked the restaurant they had created and the other dishes on the menu.

Not too long after their stint at the pub, they opened a permanent place in Soho which I added to the list but before I got a chance to go there, they opened a second place just behind Tottenham Court Road on Denmark Street. (Denmark Street - I'm watching you - what with Fernandez & wells also popping up, you better not push out all the music shops to turn into another foodie enclave.)

We fancied a quick bite and headed over at about 6:30. The place was pretty empty but judging from hearing the waitresses and the phone calls they were fielding, it was likely to get pretty busy later and as we were leaving it was filling up.

Flat Iron are basically offering the same as what we had on our first visit, but with the addition of specials, which are typically, their burger with bearnaise sauce, and another cut of meat. Today, it was onglet at £15. The flat iron steaks are still £10, and sides and desserts are still a very cheap £3.50. Cocktails start at £5. FIVE POUNDS! In SOHO! This place is seriously cheap.

And, I think, seriously good. I ordered the flat iron to see if it still tasted the same, Stephen got the onglet. We had a couple of fries and the delicious aubergine 'lasagne'. The flat iron seems to have lost the odd smell it had before, and tasted lovely - light, delicate, and tender, cooked to pink. Stephen's onglet however, I must admit, stole the show. A chewier meat it had more of a char to the outside, though was very tender in the middle and felt more like a 'proper' steak experience. For the extra £5 I would definitely plump for this one over the other.

Stephen had already had like, five cakes or something in the day so no dessert for him, but I had to order their sundae. Flat Iron knows what works - chocolate, cream and caramel (salted of course). Last time I went they combined this in a mousse, this time it was a sundae. Each time was delicious.

The place still has that slightly cowboy vibe to it, with plenty of reminders about the meat you're here to eat. 
Yes, cows in the toilet
I really like that there is somewhere casual where you can have a steak dinner if you really fancy some meat but without all the faff and large expense. Portions are moderate - you'll have satisfied your hunger when you're done but you won't feel bloated and guilty. Yes, Flat Iron's still got it. And they've still got those cute meat cleavers too (no stealing!)

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  1. Ah, I LOVE Flat Iron. Have been to the Soho one many, many times but haven't made it to the new one yet. Their strawberry Collins' are AMAZING!

    Kat |


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