Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coffee Dogs, 1st April

I don't really like burgers. While the rest of my family embraced them, I grew up eating hot dogs. And not the weird, slimy kind you get in cans over here, nor the banger in a bun that used to double as a hot dog. No, the real kind. The American kind. And I love 'em.

So even though there are more than a handful of places in London serving pretty good dogs, I will never say another one is a band one. If we had a hot dog cart on each corner, like they do in NYC, I'd be happy.

So it was with an open heart that I wanted to embrace CoffeeDogs to the scene. I had half a mind to get there over the weekend to enjoy a 10% discount but was too busy. Instead I made a pit stop there after work. They've just got a shack outside King's Cross station with a few stools to perch on - already feeling closer to your average hot dog in the States than the gourmet hot dogs a lot of places are serving. And there ain't nothin' wrong with that.

I ordered the Chicago beef pulled through the garden - beef frankfurter, chopped onion, jalapeno sport peppers, strip of gherkin, green relish and then the weird bits - cucumber, tomato and celery salt. All served in a poppy seed bun.

They also do burgers and frozen custards and concretes (oh - and coffee) but I spied a zebra cronut from Dum Dum Donutterie and had one of them for dessert instead.

So, the hot dog. Priced at £5.00 I thought it was just a touch more expensive than it should have been given the toppings. The other hot dogs were all cheaper than this, and I don't think the toppings you're given warrant the extra. Yes, the toppings - most were great - classic toppings for hot dogs that work well with the slightly smokey, briney flavour. Relish - check. Onions - check. Dill pickle - check ('tis what relish is made of after all). Jalapeno sport peppers - double check - they were great. And the celery salt - delicious. The cucumber and tomato? For me, a big no. I don't really want my hot dog to seem like a salad. The tomato was just about ok, but the cucumber? Just weird.

The bread was pretty good - soft like a hot dog bun should be and the poppy seeds were nice. It was just the wrong side of soft (or perhaps not quite wide enough) and tore a little in the middle as I was eating, making the last few bites a bit more awkward. Also, why have buns that aren't as long as the frank? Or, conversely, why make sausages too long for the bun?

Anyway, after having picked it apart, my final verdict is that actually, this was pretty good, capturing the essence of what a hot dog is all about - some simple but ever so satisfying fast food. I'll be back and I'll be giving the Concretes a go next time too. 

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  1. Thanks for the review, we appreciate it. You're absolutely correct too. It is absolutely weird to put cucumber in a dog.

    The Chicago Dog 'dragged thru the garden' is a classic American breed. We discovered it on our fact finding mission to the Windy City, were the intrepid team ate at around 8 dog stands a day and then went out for burgers. You can read about what they discovered on our blog at It's a bit Hunter S Thompson meets Man V Food.

    In short tho the "Chicago 7" as the ingredients are known are ALWAYS served on a beef hot dog and are always the same:
    1. a slather of yellow mustard
    2. a spoon of white chopped onion
    3. a splash of neon green relish
    4. a couple of tomato slices
    5. a dill pickle spear
    6. a couple of small jalepeno peppers
    7. a dash of celery salt

    I am afraid my brand new kitchen crew have gone barking mad, so am now off to tattoo the Chicago 7 onto their foreheads.

  2. Ha ha! Well, maybe just use a henna tattoo. :)


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