Friday, January 17, 2014

Coming up in 2014...

I ever so occasionally do a 'Coming Up' blog post and I have so many things lined up already, I thought I would do another one.

I've purposely tried to keep the beginning of January a little on the quiet side as I let my bank balance and my weight recover. But that hasn't stopped me planning away for the end of the month and into the next.

So next week I'll be going to a spin-off of Robin Ince's Bad Book Club - Dirty Book Club (and blogging about it). That's quickly followed by Cringe again, one of my favourite London nights and one I have blogged about before.

The last Saturday of January (the 25th) I'll be going to Heavy Load with my friend Chris who is a bit of a 'Load' regular. It's not my normal scene but I like the Phoenix and am open to being surprised.

I managed to nab literally the last two tickets to the new night The Dance Assembly are putting on in collaboration with English Disco Lovers (EDL) at the Horse and Groom and kicking off my February on the 1st. This is a night attempting to honour the glory days of the clubbing scene in King's Cross but of course with some forward thinking music as well, and a bit of vintage in the shape of Little Nan's tea room (serving cocktails) thrown in. 

The following weekend is a big one - I'll be going to my first Guerilla Zoo night, Interzone, an interactive sort of play based around William S Burrough's invented city, to celebrate his birthday. And then the following night on the 8th I will finally - finally! - be going to a White Mink event. These guys are behind the electro-swing nights and, being based in Brighton, rarely put on nights up here. I've been looking forward to this for ages and think it will be a good'un. 

The week after I'm returning to Choose Your Own Documentary because I liked it so much the first time. The story is determined by the audience choosing their chosen path (like the Choose Your Own Adventure books) so I'm hoping for a different story arc and ending this time. 

I'm then celebrating Valentine's Day with a party in the Vaults - The Art of Hearts at the Vaults from the Artful Badger (with a little help thrown in from ALAN). I love the Vaults as a venue and love the idea of Gypsy Hill, Kissograms and a performance troupe even more. I'm going to have to try to go easy though as the next night I'll be going to Torture Garden again. Apparently their Valentine's Balls are ones you shouldn't miss. 

At the moment, I've got some time to rest in the last two weeks of February, but I'm sure that won't last long. Make sure to check back for my blog posts on these nights, plus I'm sure I will be eating and drinking and writing about it in between! If you know of anything cool I might want to go to coming up, do let me know. 

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