Tuesday, September 24, 2013

God's Own Junkyard, 21st September

On Saturday I stepped into a funfair of neon. At least, that's what it felt like. it was the closing weekend of God's Own Junkyard before the site is turned into flats so I had to get up there and see this little wonder before it was gone for good.

I'm glad I did and if it were still open I would encourage anyone to make the trip to Walthamstow just to see it. In fact, the workshop will be open for a few weeks more, although the junkyard bit is no longer open to the public and the many, many signs housed there are being moved into storage. 

Basically, inside and out is stuffed with signage, many of it neon. The ones inside are lit up in what feels like an exhibition, the ones outside are mainly piled on top of one another, although there is a fun 'shrine' to the J-dog in a shed which is all lit up.

All these neon signs together are quite wondrous. There are signs that used to be in seedy soho advertising Girls Girls Girls plus other signs commissioned for stores and shows. I spotted several of the lights that were used in the Crazy Horse show that Stephen and I went to see last year (Sexy and Peekaboo). The Peekaboo one is actually my twitter avatar though this one was laying disused behind the others. The place feels like a cross between a museum and an art installation. 

Really good fun. I hope they find somewhere else to set up shop.For now, let me leave you with some more pictures...

Similar to the one in Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

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