Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Redchurch, 18th July

I confess I had a predisposition to loving the Redchurch bar before I even went. It has been on my List since 2007 when I first moved down here and from its facade just off Brick Lane, it just oozed shabby chic loveliness. When I would go by at night it always looked busy and I was convinced if I ever did go I wouldn't get in because the place looked so small and so popular.

And then I recently made friends with someone who is something of a regular at the place and said that Thursday nights are where it's at. After Musical Bingo, he took a few of us there and I'm happy to say he was right. We were greeted very cheerily by the bouncers as we entered and I discovered that the front of the bar is deceiving - it actually goes quite far back where there was plenty of room for dancing. 

The whole place has a bit of a red brasserie type feel with tables at the front, and a smallish bar at the back. Next to this is the small DJ booth where the DJ was spinning some excellent music - Motown and 70s funk. James Brown got us all grooving. We were in there at about 11 and it had an atmosphere but there was still plenty of room to move. I thought this was how it was going to stay, then about an hour later there was a massive influx of people! Clearly everyone knows that when it's closing time elsewhere, this is the place to head to. Yet it still remained not too overcrowded. Apparently they do have a habit of not letting the place become too squished to be comfortable. There is something romantic about the place as well. Something clandestine in its red-hued decor and ambient lighting decor. I could understand why there were so many snogging couples. With a tall and exotic-looking mojito - I think there might have been an orange slice in it -  I was perfectly at home and stayed much later than I had planned. 

I'm glad to have finally made its acquaintance and I am sure I will be back. 

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