Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Subversion, 26th February

The less said about my first trip to Subversion the better, but suffice to say, I couldn’t piece enough of it together to write about it so a return visit, even if it was all the way to Croydon was in order. And I am glad that I did.

I suspected I didn’t care much for it otherwise I would have remembered more but I loved it! This is definitely one for the BDSMers out there:  The dungeon takes centre stage in the main room and there’s no couples room for any sexy times. The play space was a hive of activity for most of the night, starting almost as soon as I arrived. The loud crack of a whip as I was ordering my first drink made both me and the girl behind the bar flinch. 

There was a separate dance floor and also music throughout the main room, with Simon Iridium DJing which meant the music quality was guaranteed and it didn’t disappoint. For most people, the focus is probably not on dancing here, and it wasn’t ever exactly full, but busy enough at the beginning of the night to conjure some atmosphere. Later on, there was only a handful of people persevering, as the club visibly quietened around 3 am.

There is, of course, a dress code and everyone makes the effort, and people were predictably friendly. I bumped into a few faces I recognized, which I find always makes my night more enjoyable, even if we can’t immediately figure out how we know each ofhter – it is fun trying to work out at which previous events we’d met.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the trip back. I was dreading going all the way back to East London on the bus but it only required two buses (much as it does from Elephant and Castle) though obviously the journey was quite a bit longer. But doable. I was completely prepared to write off Subversion and be pleased I wouldn’t have to trek down to Croydon ever again. Annoyingly, I don’t think that is the case…

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