Thursday, April 28, 2016

Foxlow, 21st March

In the time since I put Foxlow on my List, they have opened up another branch in Stoke Newington and another in Chiswick and another in Balham! So they’ve been on there a while. And I think the reason I wanted to go so much – a peanut butter based dessert, long since has departed. But I’m still glad I went as the food we sampled was spot on.

First up, I could not resist ordering some white bean hummus with green harissa which was divine. Naturally I shared it with my friend and forced myself to eat it at a steady, normal pace but I could easily have made much much shorter work of that. So silky. The harissa so herby and poky.
I don’t often go for a veggie main when meat is on offer but I really wanted to try their poblano mac and cheese so I sacrificed the protein. This was fantastic – exactly the kind of  macaroni cheese I like. Supergooey rather than gloopy and stringy cheese stretching for ages as I brought the fork to my mouth. And they had a crunchy breadcrumb top which I think is almost essential for mac and cheese – you need that extra bit of texture. The poblano peppers had a pickled tang to them and a little welcome heat. 
My friend who is a vegetarian had the cavolo nero and burrata salad which was as any decent salad should be. Drenched with dressing so that every single bite had flavour. A plump burrata oozed its creamy filling once pierced. 

Loved it!

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