Monday, August 11, 2014

Roti King, 1st August

Oh Roti King! King of the Rotis! How do I love thee, let me count the ways…

Not for these the cool environs of Old Street or Soho. No! A tiny Chinese that barely fits 20 is where they have set up shop. 

And time is money! You hesitate for a second while you order and the guy is gone to the next table. What kind of slow-witted dullard are you for not having decided by the time he gets to you?

But everything sounds so good! Do you want roti canai – two rotis that come with a pot of chicken, lamb or dahl curry? Or do you want rotis stuffed with lamb or chicken? Or perhaps you want rotis stuffed with cheese? (You do.) We had them all! Well, no. We weren’t that greedy. There were four of us and we started off with 2 x roti canai chicken, 1 x roti canai dahl, 1 x roti lamb murtabak which came with curry sauce for dipping.

What wonders these are. The man who must be ‘King’ makes the rotis in full view, pulling and slapping the dough about and then placing them on the grill to create these half pancake-half paratha layered, oily creations. One serving is most definitely not enough, and when they’re priced at £5.50 each, they don’t have to be! We ordered another round of dahl roti canai and the cheese stuffed roti to share and even then I probably could have gone one more. But, after the cheese ones, I would have felt too guilty ordering another. Oh, the grease! The gooiness! The cheesiness! The most naughty of all naughty grilled cheese sandwiches. And they were sooo good.

Excitement ruined my focus
My friends had very high hopes, having loved their roti breakfasts when they visited Malaysia, and those hopes were met. Mine only stemmed from the good reviews I’d been reading but they too were satisfied. I already know when I’m going back. 

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