Friday, May 2, 2014

Bread Ahead Doughnuts, 26th April

I'm really enjoying this new doughnut craze happening in London. Doughnut-only vendors are popping up all over the place, and also restaurants and bakeries are bringing them into their repertoire.

So far, my favourites have been Rinkoff with their version of the cronut and Glazed and Confused's ring doughnuts, where I explain that a ring doughnut is my personal preference. But I'm open to any good 'nut and as we found ourselves on the Southbank last Saturday, I thought a stroll up to Borough Market to try the wares of Bread Ahead was an eminently sensible thing to do.

It took a little while to find them among the throbbing crowd so thick it was sometimes impenetrable, but with some persistence, there they were. Bread Ahead is the partnering of the founder of Flour Power Bakery (pretty much ubiquitous at every market for a while) and an ex-baker from St John's Bakery, already famed for their doughnuts, which are pretty good.

When we got there, there was but one of their renowned salted caramel and honeycombs, plus a few rhubarbs and some vanilla (I think). We had one rhubarb and snapped up the last salted caramel one, actually managing to wait until we'd got all the way home before tucking in.

I think, for both of us, the rhubarb was the surprise winner. It was the perfect blend of tartness and sweetness and a hint of orange gave it a nice citrus freshness. I also loved the salted caramel custard with chewy bit of honeycomb protruding but Stephen didn't like that it wasn't quite custard, wasn't quite salted caramel, whereas I appreciated the airy lightness of the filling and that it wasn't too sweet. These could almost persuade me that filled doughnuts are the way to go.

Weirdly enough, my only complaint is that they are too stuffed with filling. I'd actually like a little more doughnut with my jam or custard - there was so much they were tricky to eat; you almost had to spoon some out before getting a hold of the doughnut and eating the rest.

What kind of complaint is that? Well, a pretty weak one by all accounts. Will overfilling stop me from going back? Hells no. I can't wait to have another one!

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