Friday, February 22, 2013

Plastic People, 25th January

So, I completely forgot that Plastic People was on my List and didn't blog about it. And my already hazy memory of the place is even fuzzier as time has dulled my recollection. This will be a short account.

I've actually been once before but got so bladdered I could barely remember it. So I figured it didn't count. I must admit, this time around wasn't much more of a success as my phone went missing when we'd barely been in there an hour. Not just my phone - my debit and oyster card too. My phone was sadly lost forever, but I have to say that Plastic People were lovely about helping me get my debit and oyster card back as it transpired they'd been handed in. We sent endless emails back and forth to arrange for me to pick them up, with the girl even offering to meet me somewhere halfway to make it easier! So I've been left with an overall positive view of the place despite it all.

So yeah, we ended up here after our meal at Viva and hanging out with *name drop* Gary Powell and his fiancee in Dalston Social where I think we stayed until about 2. We then tottered all the way into Shoreditch and to the club (there has been some debate about whether we in fact got a taxi, but our memory fails us).

After some persuading of the coat check lady to fit our coats in (we really didn't want to be carrying them around all night) we moseyed around the club. It was dark and I liked the vibe. The music they were playing was eminently dancable and soon enough my friend got chatting to a French person (her favourite pastime). So the people seemed cool as well - except for one guy who was so kind as to buy us a drink. How is that bad you say? He insisted we reimburse him afterwards! Not cool. Or chivalrous. We didn't ask him to buy us drinks!

And sadly, that is pretty much all we got up to before I reached into my bag and found nothing but a set of keys. I then spent a good long while looking round the club before abandoning my friend to re-walk the stretch we'd come down and then head home. On foot.

I guess I'll have to go back again some time. Third time's the charm eh?

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