Monday, March 21, 2016

Fox and Badger, 13th February

Firstly I should say that the Fox and Badger aren’t nearly as kinky as they would have you believe from their descriptions and the very NSFW posts that were littering my feed in the run up to the party. People were so confused as to what type of party it was that they had to actually clarify that there was no sex involved and no play room. When we arrived my friend got quite excited seeing a selection of flogging and spanking materials laid out but it soon became clear this was for show and there was nowhere to use them.

But it was still an excellent party, full of people of a certain open-minded persuasion. They had a few performances throughout the night, which were of an impressive quality. One girl performed a reverse-tease – she started off in a most angelic, all white outfit, and did the normal striptease routine. But it didn’t stop there, because then she started to put ON clothes – this time showing off her bad self with black Latex and PVC before inverting the trope and throwing money at the audience rather than the other way around. Very good.

There was only the one room so it was an intimate affair, conducive to chatting and getting to know your fellow party-goers. The music was of a housey flavour and everyone was dancing and making the most of the stage area when it wasn’t in use to do so.

The theme was red and hot and I would say every guest paid attention and made the most of it. Alex and Sinead, our host and hostess, were looking exceptionally fabulous – special mention must be made to Alex for his, what you could call brave, outfit. I’m always impressed by a man that can rock heels for a night. 

So yes, great fun all-round and I'm sure it won't be my last visit to the world of Fox and Badger.

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