Friday, May 22, 2015

Melt Room, 4th May

Given the surge in popularity of grilled cheese toasties in the capital, it was only a matter of time before someone tapped in on that and opened up a bricks and mortar place, rather than a street food van. And of course I had to try it.

Prices are what you'd expect and they have some options that are definitely different (tuna bean!?) as well as just the classic which I had. I added onions and got some of their relish as well.

Have to say, it did not stand up to the best out there. I cut it in half and grease seeped to the front. At one point a glob of oil actually dripped from the sandwich onto the paper which was a bit offputting (though I somehow managed to overcome this and finish it). I don't know what cheese they used, I wondered if it was something processed hence the grease. There seemed to be two kinds - one orange and one 'normal' cheese colour. There wasn't very much of it, it wasn't particularly thick and it didn't have a very strong taste. Overall, underwhelming.

The relish was quite good - kinda of sweet but with a spicy kick. The cafe was rather basic but cheerful - bright yellows. It's very small. Only space for about 12 people. While I was in quite a few people popped in to investigate but a good portion of them left again and I think it's because they realised there wasn't anywhere to sit. 

So, final verdict - seek out Morty and Bob's, The Cheese Truck or Grill My Cheese if a toastie is what you fancy. 

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