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Delancey & Co, 24th April

Almost every corner of New York has an unassuming shop that almost looks like a newsagents, but from which you can get these immense, amazing sandwiches. There are the standards – your Cuban, your Monte Cristo, or they can whip up a combination of your choosing. We do have some equivalents over here – I would say Basil’s sandwiches is one, but we don’t have exactly the same thing. And I wouldn’t say Delancey & Co is exactly the same thing either but it does have a similar, though more limited, ethos.

Delancey’s does a few things, and, judging by what we had, does them well. You can get bagels (or sandwiches) with smoked salmon and all kinds of cream cheeses and 'load ups' (toppings), or you can get sandwiches with salt beef or smoked turkey, or you can get their signatures – the Reuben or the Bird or the Toky x Delancey - each a prescribed sandwich of salt beef, turkey or smoked salmon.

Stephen and I both got the reuben. I had the coleslaw with cheese and special sauce, and Stephen  had the sauerkraut version. We couldn't really tell which was which but I think we got the right ones in the end. The sandwich was packed with silky, fattily tender beef, with a good slathering of the ‘kraut/'slaw and dressing ensuring things could never get too dry. I loved the caraway marbled rye bread – I think caraway is a great flavour, and I thought it was a really good bread to meat ratio. Stephen dissented, saying the bread was slightly too thick and in the corners where it hadn’t been pressed down perhaps it was, a little, but that is such a minor quibble I don’t even know why I’m mentioning it.
At just under £10 it is by no means cheap but this kept me so full into the evening I didn’t even have any dinner.

It gets the thumbs up from me.

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