Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brompton Cemetery, 31st March

I suggested to Stephen we take a stroll around Brompton Cemetery to get us out of the house. We had decided to try to see the Boat Race (me thinking that the cold might put some people off) but we were so lazy we didn't think we'd get there in time by the time we got ready.

My suggestion was vetoed. But we headed over to West London anyway, and wandered back towards central London and what should we stumble upon but Brompton Cemetery! Naturally it would be silly not to have a look in.

It is one of the "Magnificent Seven" cemeteries built around the capital to inter the rapidly rising numbers of deceased bodies that needed a home. So it's a grand cemetery, full of majestically decaying tombs with some impressive and grand statues. Within the first few steps I'd seen several tombs and mausoleums of remarkable or remarkably spooky design.

One such mausoleum we realised had a lattice throught the gaps of which you could see into the inside. Very creepy. We didn't linger.

Yes, so we got in and walked around for about ten minutes and took some pictures. I noticed something at the back of the cemetery that looked worth investigating - possibly some catacombs? - but alas we didn't get that far. A car with a loudspeaker started cruising up the main avenue telling everyone the cemetery shut in ten minutes and to start making our way out. I didn't want to rush looking around the rest, so we duly left and ended up having a nice drink in a lovely pub not far from there - the Drayton Arms.

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