Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gino gelato, 1st April

This one definitely made it onto my list thanks to Time Out – I think they did a feature on the best ice creams to be had in London and they recommended Gino’s and the peanut butter ice cream.

Those who are about my age or older may find the name of this ice cream parlor quite amusing, reminding me as it does of that not too high quality ice cream in the 90s called Gino Ginelli. I’m happy to report that the name Gino is the only similarity.

We were meeting a friend at Trafalgar Square to go for lunch and for the first time in possibly ever, took the exit from Charing Cross which takes you closest to the Square. As we surfaced, we found ourselves facing Gino Gelato. Even though we were about to go for lunch, we were starving and so we thought we’d mix it up a bit and have our dessert first. They had peanut butter in stock so I had a scoop of that, and Stephen had biscotti. Both were very tasty. They were both smooth and creamy, but the peanut butter had an added texture to it which really made you feel this was a peanut butter ice cream, and not just one flavoured by peanuts. Peanut butter lovers will know what I mean.

They had some other interesting flavours – one being sweet red wine. I didn’t think this would pair all that well with peanut butter so didn’t go for a scoop of it, but my curiosity has been piqued so I will come back to try it soon.

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