Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Old Dutch, 15th May

I have had My Old Dutch on my list for yonks. It's probably not the sort of place I'd normally seek out but I do love pancakes. Finally I got around to going for dinner before heading out for the evening. I was kind of in the middle of a health kick so I ordered more modestly than I might otherwise have.

I decided I wanted to try their savoury and their sweet offerings so to start I ordered the tricolore - mixed cheese, freshly chopped tomato, basil, feta and spring onion. Should have been a pretty delicious combination and it did all taste very fresh. But it wasn't very warm at all which made eating it hard going. It all needed to be melted more and then it would have been less stodgy and more pleasant.

My boyfriend decided to go full on and order a normal-sized pancake which was bloody huge. We couldn't get over the feeling we were eating a kind of discount version of a pizza, although he did say it tasted decent. He also said it should have been warmer.

Again, for dessert I tried to pick something a little smaller - the poffertjes. Literally small pancakes. I just got the traditional ones - dusted with sugar, and served with butter and maple syrup. Again, where was the heat?! They weren't even hot enough for the butter sitting on top of them to melt! But despite that. they were pretty tasty. Tasty enough for me to come out with a smile and tasty enough that I would go back again. But I would just stick to the sweet ones. 

After this I went to Knightmare Live at Udderbelly which was a tongue-in-cheek live action version of the famous 90s TV show. If you were a fan of it at the time, seek it out.

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