Monday, June 15, 2015

Corner Room, 9th May

The food at the Corner Room was just lovely! And yet, when Stephen asked me if I would go back I said probably not. Why is that? Well, because we go to restaurants for more than simply eating. We go for an experience we can't get at home and something about this experience lacked, though it is hard to say exactly why.

Something about the ambience was just a little off. This was meant to be Nuno Mendes's informal neighbourhood restaurant (though he's no longer there) but, while the prices are pretty good, it doesn't feel as laid back as it should. Or, it feels too laid back but in a non-comfortable way. A bit like a posh country house's dining room. A home but not your home.  I don't know. Stephen felt the same.

Anyway, as I say the food was much more than perfectly pleasant to eat. 

I started with the quail, asparagus and roasted garlic. What a fantastic garlic hit, and I loved the way the asparagus was shaved so thinly. The quail was well cooked and seasoned. A great start.
Stephen had the mackerel, which is a fish I don't like so I didn't try it. It looked very beautiful and Stephen had nothing but nice things to say about it.
On to the mains. For me, unusually, pork. The tenderest of loin, cooked pink and imbued with smoke from the smoky apple accompaniment. A lovely blend of sweetness and meat and I made sure to swipe up as much of the residue as possible  with the broccoli (though not the florets - hate those!)

Stephen had confit lamb belly (already sounds amazing doesn't it?) which came with chorizo (even better) spring beans and baby gem. I wouldn't say I had food envy, but I kinda had food envy. That lamb - a decent size with a great, crispy top.

We had both, for the first time, participated in a 5K run that afternoon so of course we had to treat ourselves with dessert (and cocktails!).

I think the dessert was my least favourite part though, I had a malted slice with pear which had a dry texture I didn't appreciate. I wanted more gooeyness. Stephen fared better with his dessert - a raspberry tart, that he said was very nice but I don't like raspberries so I just had to take his word for it. 

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