Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 in Review

Everyone loves a bit of retrospection at the end of the year and I am no exception. It's very interesting to go through your blog stats and see what was popular and what was not. It's always a bit of a surprise. 

Lots of people do their Top 5 or whatever and I am going to do that too. But I also want to share some of the posts that I think deserved a bit more attention than they got. So, I've got a Top 10 least read - separating them out into Food and Other.

Here we go

Top 10 Least read Food posts

1) Morty & Bob - ubercheesy goodness.
2) Grill My Cheese - more cheesy goodness. With pork!
3) United Ramen - not-quite-hitting-the-spot noodles.
4) Ribstock - um, maybe the best day ever? So many ribs.
5) Bird - waffle burger. That is all.
6) Flat Iron - value for money tasty steak.
7) Roti King - drool. Freshly made rotis.
8) Salvation in Noodles - neighbourhood noodle joint.
9) St Moritz - more cheese! But too pricey.
10) Chez Elles - perfectly French bistro.

Top 10 Least read Non-Food posts

1) East London Liquor - East London's only distillery. Tres cool.
2) Rock Paper Scissors Championship - way more fun than you'd expect
3) Freemasons - ridiculous grandeur
4) Double Denim - not the 90s night billed
5) Luna Cinema - floating on water is the best way to see a film.
6) Design Museum - ingenious innovation
7) Regression Sessions - a blast, for the young at heart and actually young
8) Shunt - weird and wonderful
9) The Victoria - literally my new favourite neighbourhood pub
10) The Warwick - prime example of awful West End bars.

And here we go... my Top 5 Most Popular Posts of the Year!

Congratulations to those below:
5) Opera Tavern - small plates/tapas with style
4) Clutch - top notch fried chicken
3) Oslo - cool new bar for food and drinks, great space for gigs and clubnights upstairs
2) Tongue Fu - a spoken word night like no other
1) White Mink (by a long way) - electro swing bringing one of the best parties in London!

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